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Hopeville's Director Harvey Hubbell V sure didn't surf his way through school. Growing up with dyslexia, Harvey faced numerous challenges.


The worst? Learning how to read! And he's nowhere near alone. 

America's reading levels have steadily been on the decline. However, there's a solution! Implementing evidence-based reading instruction across this country is the answer. 

We've talked to scientists, educators and parents and we have evidence to show, when using the right teaching methods, we can drastically change the course of literacy

 in America.

We can't ignore this issue. We must win the Reading Wars and change reading instruction for generations to come.


This isn't just a movie.

It's a movement. 

32 million

adults in the U.S. are functionally illiterate.

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Illiteracy could be costing America more than

2 trillion dollars per year.


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What is the advocacy toolkit?

Whether you're a Parent, Teacher, or Concerned Citizen, YOU can make a difference! is our website dedicated to giving you the latest research and information on evidence-based literacy. There you will find information about how to advocate for your child, how to get in touch with your local school board and how to make a difference!

Kids can't advocate for themselves, they need your help! 

If you or someone you know has a child who is struggling, visit the advocacy toolkit and be a part of history. Together we change reading instruction, across America!                      


                                              -Harvey Hubbell V



Concerned Parent

I truly enjoyed the film and became more invested in your storytelling as the movie played. I felt validated in my work as a literacy warrior and in the choices my district has made in implementing the science of reading over time. I am hopeful that many districts who are ready to make changes will gain a lot of the "how" from Hopeville, USA. Thank you for this work!
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